More than Life

And then you take a break from living and find yourself in the movie theatre in cosy room in Splendid-Palace.
My motivation to see this film was mostly because I wanted to be closer to the directing, creating performances. Actually, I wanted to learn and gain some inspiration.

At the moment Alvis Hermanis is one of the best theatre directors of Latvia. He is producing performances in Riga, Latvia, and also going for some time to Germany to work with actors there.

You could think that movie is about Hermanis, but, in my opinion, it's about process - it is more about prototypes and actors trying to make doppelgangers of them, still, staying authentic. It's becoming like a mix of life ups and downs and reality and lies.

The two sides of theatre which I love and hate - actors are giving in so much energy in believing in the characters they choose, but they also put more emphasis on more colourful emotions such as anger, pain, happiness, hysteria.. and the performance is becoming too intensive and hanging on the border to the madness.

I like things Hermanis tells. Like - 'Once I realised that everyone has the same life - I mean - they have different decorations, conditions - but the amplitudes they experience are the same, the walls, the ceilings and floors are the same; they have the same emotions - no differences.'

Although the movie was only 53minutes long I gained what I went for - inspiration and strong will to get to the camera and story telling, because 'even the life of the simplest person can be shown as a great colourful adventure. And every story will be sad in its core.'

This is my opinion on this movie. I don't want to tell more, because I recommend to see it with your own eyes. Only some more technical details.

I loved the ring like composition of the movie, I loved the sound of double-bass used for background music (because I just love string music). But I didn't like the lights used for the episodes. However, I should agree that it made the movie more harmonious - there were episodes filmed with home made quality, I guess, for non-professional aims. And it made the feeling of the atmosphere of the theatre behind the scenes - there is nothing perfect - it's modest, plain, aged. Definitely the beauty and everything else is hidden in the core of the actor - his soul (or should I say souls?), material things are only decorations and why we should turn them into glitters and gloss if we know what are the base - it is more easier to build new worlds if we have nothing in there before.

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