Safe with 3D!

Yesterday at work (I'm working with the research administration) I ran over interesting idea about usage of 3D.

It's called Advanced 3D modelling for accessing and understanding European cultural assets. Find more information by clicking on it. But the main idea is that 3D modelling helps to preserve cultural heritage and also analyse history. And they are also going to give some money to those working on this.

Months ago I was travelling around our country and there was one model of a head of the woman from round 15th century. And it was said it's very hard to make one of those and it is the only head copy in the Baltic states. So - let's develop 3D modeling and 3D printing and make some real life figures!

Actualy, I am quite thrilled with this idea because it's making more relation between arts and scientific stuff and giving more value to beatiful and interesting things. Just imagine museums where there are a lot of computers with games, animations, interactive things, instead of stuffed models or wax figures. Don't know if it's better, but definately something could be made out of it.

And also for those learning 3D modeling it comes as a big relief - if it's not games, films, entertainment industry there will be a niche waiting for your skills.

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