OKI - in the middle of the ocean

Today was the prime session of the new movie by the director Maris Martinsons in co-operation with japanese artists - Kaori Momoi and virtuoso William Goldstein.

I should say - with very long introductory part before the movie where every person included in the process of movie production was recalled, finaly the big moment came.

As I realize I cannot tell anything about the plot - just that it's not that simple as IMDB tells us. It's full of emotions, beautiful piano music and variaty of beautiful set of pictures - with soft, light colors and modern elements that reminded me the culture of hipsters. I should say although it is low budget film, work of camera was almost perfect, if we forget some episodes where camera was shaking.

Anyway, in my opinion the movie was about lonliness and the way each person is trying to fight with it. The movie gives insight to the lives of five different persons. But every of them is being lonely, mis-understood (except the pianist - he is the calmest person - he has found his freedom through the passion for music).

The acting by the Kaori Momoi is brilliant - I fully believed in her and easly identifide with her - woman living in her own world without being interrupted until something happens. Until she meets Rob. A guy who is reaching to find out the mystery with detective like passion.

Run away from themselves, solving problems for others.

This film is not the big blast - it's not trying to give you excitement. It is more about deepness, bringing you thoughts about the life, the core of it, relationships and, of course, loniliness and after movie when subtitles had been rollled over you find yourself still sitting in the chair and thinking.
As the teacher from the States once said: "Most of your life you will spend alone". The question is - how to be free of loneliness instead.

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